How To Book Driving Lessons, Tests

You will be in control as we book your driving test on your behalf. If it turns out you don not like your driving test booking, signal to that effect. Just tell us, promptly.

Here's an example of our how we book driving test for you.

  1. You: Reserve & secure your intensive course with deposit payment.
  2. We: Scout for & Book Driving Test Slot.
  3. You: Confirm your driving test date, or decline it..
  4. We: If okay, assign a Fast Pass Action Plan.
  5. You: Confirm Your Driving Classes (inc dates, & times).
  6. You: (with Instructor) Start Fast Track Driving Lessons – Complete payment to trainer.
  7. You: (with Assigned Instructor) Arrive, & go out for driving Test, (with Examiner).
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Book Lessons Online | Fast Track Driving Lessons

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Book Lessons Online

You will need to book your driving course online. You immediately get an email receipt of your purchase as confirmation.

Meanwhile, Driving Intensive Course Experts is also offering guaranted pass driving lessons with up to three drving test. Call to ask for details.

10 Hour Course 10 driving lessons in leicester, 10 drivign lessons, 10 hour driving course, drivnig lessons leicester
£250.00 In stock
Details: 10 Driving Lessons for £250 GBP. Save £15. BOOK Now, LEICESTER.

We are your your local driving school with trained instructors for your driving test needs.

Intensive Driving Lessons Leicester

You will commence all driving lessons from home, college, or place of work. And you will return back to any of the paces you decide, within reason.

If you want to start or end a driving class outside of the above three mentioned, please let your instructor know in advance. The sooner the batter, to help planning of the lessons. Reason? Different roads present different challenges, so it is best for the instructor to tailor your training needs.

48 Hour Cancellation Notice

For regular weekly lessons, you will need to give clear 48 hours notice to cancel or re-schedule a planned driving lesson.

If you're booked intensive lessons, we need 5 days notice to reschedule, or cancell the course.

Note: If you do not give appropriate notification for cancellation, you may be charged in full for the planned lesson.

  • 48 Hours: Regular, not intensive lessons.
  • 5 Days: Intensive Driving Courses
  • 5 Days to Cancell any test

Weekend Driving Classes available on request.

Additional Driving Lessons Prices

If you need top-up driving lessons, you will be charged the full hourly rate, not the bundle price. There will be no negotiation.

'Very Helpful driving instructors. Highly Recommended.' - REVIEW -

Meanwhile, our driving lessons prices, by the bundle cost;

  1. 10 driving lessons - £250
  2. 20 driving lessons - £490
  3. 30 drivng lessons - £720

OBSERVE: The list prices for driving tuition above does not include driving test fee.

Compare Driving Lessons Prices

You may want to compare our prices for driving lessons. In doing so, you will notice we are on the higher side of prices. We are aware of this price disparity.

However, we know that our driving instructor services are tailored to ensure you get the very best from us at all times, and our driving lesson prices reflects this ethos.

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£1,400.00 In stock
Course details: 50 driving lessons, 2 theory tests, 3 driving tests.

Professional Driving Instructors

You need a specialist who knows exactly what to do with improving your driving skills quicker than your average instructor. With this in mind, we only provide you with the best driving instructors to help you achive your driver training needs.

Intensive Driving Crash Course Leicester

The information we provide are for driving tuition in Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, and maybe Melton Mowbray test centres. Your chosen driving test centre, by default, should be either of the 2 closest to where you live. If you choose a test centre further afield, remember this will impact on the number of hours you need to your driving test centre, and back.

Fast Track Driving School Leicester
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Fast Track Your Success! High Traction driving tuition from Driving Intensive Course Experts, Leicester's specialist school of motoring for a quick pass.

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