Driving Intensive Course Experts Leicester, & London

Are you looking for a specialist driving school in Leicester? Do you need a school of motoring with intensive driving course expert, in Leicester, Hinckley & beyond, to help with your one week driving course needs?

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'I couldn't be happier! Thanks to DICE, ! PASSED. '

How We Work | Special Offer!

DICE School of Motoring is now offering driving crash courses with the main view to pass with one week driving courses.

Driving Intesive Course Experts
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DICE SOM, your local driving academy with dedicated driving instructors for your test preparations.

Intensive Driving School Leicester

Is your current driving instructor unable to help with a one week driving course?

Our intensive driving course experts can offer one week driver training in Leicester, Hinckley, or Loughborough

Driving Intensive Course Experts London

Offer of driving lessons in London South East now at Driving Intensive Course Experts. Call us &ellip; 07806 193 453

One Week Driving Courses in South East London & Leicestershire

If you are challenged for time to get regular weekly driving lessons, we can help plan a driving course around a time to suit your busy lifestyle.

Here's how we can help?

Weekend Driving Classes are more expensive

Weekend Prices for driving lessons in London & Leicester

We charge £32.00 per hour for weekend driving lessons

Weekend driving classes mus run for at least 2 hours. A typical weekend driving lesson session therefore will cost you £64.00 for 2 hours.

  1. 3 hour weekend driving lessons £96.00 (London)
  2. 4 hours weekend drivng lessons £128.00 (London)
  3. 5-hour weekend driving lessons £160.00 (London)

In Leicester, weekend driving lessons cost £28.00 per hour.

Driving Test Booking Service

If you need a quick driving test to suit your busy schedule, we have helpful instructors, available to make learning to drive cars easier than you think. We also help with book driving test online, on your behalf.

Quick Driving Test
£87.00 In stock
Booking Driving Test: Driving Test Booking Service at Driving Intensive Course Experts Leicester. Includes driving test fee as well as a one-off administration charrge of £25.00

Professional Driving Instructors in Leicester

You need a specialist who knows exactly what to do with improving your driving skills quicker than your average instructor. With this in mind, we only provide you with the best driving instructors to help you achive your driver training needs.

Intensive Driving Crash Course Leicester

Most of our clients are only interested in one week driving courses, driving crash courses, and intense lessons. We will be glad to hear from you if you also want an intensive driving course in Leicester, or Loughborough for driving test preparation purposes.

Intensive Driving School Leicester
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Intensive Driving Tests in Wigston & Cannock Street
Driving Intensive Course Experts is a specialist school of motoring with the aim of helping learner drivers complete a driver training course within a very short time, albeit, with the best results of a passed driving test.

Do you want to proceed? Book one week driving lessons online. Don't forget to see our reviews.

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